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Tire Education



Driving Tips for Wet Roads

Driving on wet roads can be dangersous. Click HERE for advice to keep you safe as you drive.


How to Build a Radial Tire

If you have ever wondered how tires are made, the following is a roadmap for the construction of a radial tire. Learn more about "Building a Tire" by clicking here.


Tire Tips and Maintenance

It only takes a couple of minutes on maintenance each month to keep you tires working at their best. Click HERE for advice to keep your tires in tip top shape.


Rubber Manufacturer's Association (RMA) Tire Safety

Proper tire care and safety is simple and easy. RMA recommends getting in the habit of taking five minutes every month to check your tires, including your spare.


History of the Passenger Tire

To know the complete history of the tire, we must go back to around 3500 B.C.--to the invention of the wheel. The wheel is one of man's greatest inventions and is present everywhere we look today. Read more about the history of Tires by clicking HERE.


Driving Tips for Winter

When old-man winter arrives, it is important to avoid possible problems that always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times. Click HERE for more about winter driving.


Reading Your Sidewall

There is a lot to learn from the sidewall of your tire. Although at first glance you may think you stumbled across tire hieroglyphics, you have actually found molded into the tires side its own user manual. Learn about your sidewall by clicking HERE





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